Photomizer 2 software giveaway

Photomizer 2 Giveaway

With the professional Photomizer 2 software you easily edit your scanned photos, scanned slides and even your scanned negatives. Enjoy more colorful images by touching up flat colors! Remove errors and dust at the PC – fully automatically!

It is frustrating: Even with the best cameras, one only gets ordinary results. It is obvious: the photos could clearly be better. Dreary colours could be pepped up, image could be sharpened and details could be highlighted. Especially, brightness has to be adjusted, as most of the photos are too dark. You also want to edit scanned photos? Wouldn’t it be great to have a software which deals with picture optimization and repair and which is at the same time easy to handle?

The easy-to-operate software impresses with a clear user interface. You see the original picture, preview and work surface directly on the monitor. The results of the optimization are displayed in real time. Simply save all changes – ready.


Photomizer 2 makes the most out of your photos – with one single mouse click. Thus, you will get perfect results without training period. Even if you want to optimize a large number of photos, this is not a problem due to the batch mode. Thanks to predefined profiles, you will always find the correct settings for your photos.

Photos, which otherwise would have landed in Windows recycle bin, can be rescued effortlessly with Photomizer 2. You can optimize your photos with only one mouse click. Thus, fog is automatically removed by the software. Your pictures will appear in a new light, colours will shine again, contrasts will get sharper and more details will be seen.


With the integrated batch mode, even large numbers of photos can be optimized easily without changing the original. You can choose the amount of the optimization for every photo individually. The preview function allows you to compare the original to the optimized photo at any time.

Photomizer 2 even optimizes scans of old dias and paper prints without any problems. It does not matter if a photo is denoised or if there are artefacts or cracks on a photo: The software can fix those bugs automatically


  • Our innovative object recognition ensures that only those parts of a picture are optimized, which are important for the overall impression.
  • Artefact filters in order to eliminate flaws from pictures
  • Repairfunction for optimization of scanned photos, e.g. for elimination of tears.

Vendor: Engelmann

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Original Price: $49.99

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Download Englemann Photomizer 2

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  • Gabriele Bonomo

    the link doesn’t work.

  • gavatx66

    Le lien est-il mort ???

  • UserOn

    The available version is the Special Edition Version
    The restritions about this version, not marketed, are not available.

  • Stephen

    Just like the recent videomizer offering, the installer crashes out with a message “Not valid in the specified state” I am in the UK

  • Phil Hawkins

    I had no problem installing the software, and it went through the process of sending a serial number to an email address that I was required to supply during setup.

    The phrase that caught my eye and made me download the software was “even your scanned negatives”. I thought this software was going to help me turn my scanned negatives into positive digital photos for viewing on my PC. No such luck! Sure, it does *something* to the negative colours, but nothing useful, unfortunately. It certainly will not turn the negative image into a positive photo.

    Another thing I noticed is that the help file seems to have features and buttons that do not appear on the actual software, such as the ‘Conversion’ options on the ‘Settings’ page, and the ‘Repair’ option in the Repair/Optimize/Rotate side panel. I am not sure why these, and other features, are missing. If it is due to it being an ‘SE’ edition, the help files should be edited accordingly, to show what is actually available while using the software.

    As presented to us, it seems to be a one-trick horse. Put a dimly-coloured photo into the software, and it will brighten it up. That’s it. If that is all you need, then this software might be what you need. Thanks for the giveaway, but I don’t think it will find much use in my small library of image manipulation software.

  • vanierstein

    Nowhere does it state on the Description that this is SE,ie. a Special Edition.Already have from previous giveaway.Thanks anyway !!